So shineh!

First post on this shiny new (free) blog and I intend to use it. If you’re one of the 6 people who’ve heard of my game, good for you. If you’re new:

I’m currently developing a 2D action-adventure platforming game in C++. I’m using this game project as a vehicle by which I will be learning C++ and in-depth programming techniques. Not much is for sure about Dominance’s concept except that there’s gonna be platforming, violence and bipedal animal-folk!


There’s a few screenshots currently up on my deviant Art profile and my Fur Affinity, which pretty much mirrors the deviant Art one. The only exception is that any music I produce for Dominance will end up on Fur Affinity, as deviant Art has no audio submission support that I know of.

I also post regular updates on my Twitter. There’s not a massive amount of daily life junk or chit chat on there, mostly game stuff.

More info soon.


6 thoughts on “So shineh!

  1. Mike says:

    Hey, read your post. Best of luck to you 🙂

    I am also a game developer, but I’m only just getting started with C++ (17).
    I’ve worked with GameMaker for about 3 years, which although useless in a marketing sense, I think it really helped my creativity flow instead of my left-side brain trying to figure out code and everything. It does have its own coding “language”, so I’m familiar with code, and C++ is coming along with ease 😀

    Right now I’m learning from Bucky of TheNewBoston, but I’d like a chance to actually put what I learn into some small video games. So yeah:

    Tl;dr: Noob here. How are you making your games? Where can I find tutorials?

    Thanks a ton.

    • korban3 says:


      I’m 17 as well. I use C++ as well. I used Game Maker for a while too. In fact, most of your second paragraph sounds like it came out of a biography about me XD It’s nice to hear about other new developers.

      I’ve been using C++ in Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition. It’s free from Microsoft, just gotta Google it. When I started out, I actually tried to do some 3D stuff, but OpenGL was too complex at the time, and probably still would be for me. I switched over to SFML for 2D. I was pointed to SFML via a friend on an IRC channel. SFML is a library that includes Windowing, Networking (Haven’t toyed with that yet), Audio, Graphics and System libraries that allow you to handle application windows, input, sound, graphical display and such.

      I got my start with SFML by watching . He has some tutorials on how to use some of it’s libraries. I started out learning how to create a game loop. Right after that, I would recommend coming up with something you want to do. I didn’t start with anything really small like Pong. I went straight for Dominance. I knew that I wanted anthro characters and I wanted platforming. So I kind of just wen from there with whatever I needed. For example, I needed collisions to put in proper jumping and friction so I made simple box collisions. Then I needed sprites for animation, so I made sprite sheets. Then I needed an actual animations system, so I made one.

      I also take a game design course at a local place called the Pierce County Skills Center. It substitutes three of my highschool periods with a technical job training course, which happens to be game design for me. The instructor has told me to put a GDD (Game Design Document) together, and while I have a loose concept of what I need and want, I kind of just make whatever is needed next. He’s been a big help with a lot of stuff. Having someone who knows more than you and that will help you learn is a really great asset.

      As for coding tutorials specifically, I haven’t really used any. I just sort of look at what I need and then look at what is needed to make that happen and then spend a week muscling though it.

      Hope that wall of text wasn’t too nasty and sorry I couldn’t help you more with tutorials and such. As for learning, though, I would suggest just thinking of something and trying to make it.

      Best of luck to you too!

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for the response 🙂

    Wow, that’s really cool. I’m not taking any official courses at school for programming (maybe I should get on that). It’s great to hear that there are other people out there like me.

    “I got my start with SFML by watching . He has some tutorials on how to use some of it’s libraries.” I assume that you were going to Google up whatever his name is but forgot to paste your results.

    It’s kind of a new thing for me to be following tutorials. I learned how to make games in GML mostly by trial and error (with occasional help from the included help document and Google searches). I guess all I’m looking for is something to get me started. Right now I’m using a program called Code::Blocks for compiling.

    I’ll check out SFML, thanks 🙂

    Oh, and you should post a download link to the current alpha build Dominance 😉

    • Shayne B. says:

      Oh geez, sorry ’bout that. Coulda sworn I put that link in. I was going to link you to the user SFMLCoder on Youtube. He’s got videos on setting up and initial use of SFML.

      I don’t have the current build up to try anywhere, but I’ll put something together and have it up soon.

  3. Mike says:

    Haha, it’s all good. Thanks again.

    You should send me an email or something when you’ve got it semi-stable and uploaded.

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