XML, Lojban, and Alpha News

Well, Christmas break ended and I lost the use f my computer for a while. I couldn’t get a whole lot done with just my 3 hour class during the week, but everything is back in order.

I began by kicking off with some really cool and exciting stuff, for me at least. I have been planning on making Dominance at least slightly moddable and I’ve taken a large step toward that this last week. I started looking into parsing XML files for data and parameters which I intend to use to load up levels, characters, weapons and such. I would also be able to use it to create a load/save feature for gameplay and it would be instrumental in allowing players to construct their own items, levels, characters etc. While I have started, it’s something I’ve never done before, so it may be a little while before Dominance will be able to load up XML files for even just levels, but it’s a reassuring and refreshing  step for me, even if it is a rather frustrating process to get new things like this working.

I’m going to try and get a alpha up for download very soon so that other folk can test out Dominance on their systems. While this doesn’t have many implications now, it will be more important for testing out moddability later. I’m also wanting to do some update videos once in a while to show some of the features that are hard to see from still shots. I’d also like to get it cross-platform someday, but I have no idea how I would go about that yet. That’s something for later, though.

I’ve also decided that I will definitely use Lojban for the in-game language. I made two weapon concepts over this last weekend and labelled a lot of the bits and parts of the weapons in Lojban. I’m not sure if my labeling was correct as I have only been learning Lojban for about a month, I’d guess, so my knowledge of it is rather shoddy. I’ll be improving my Lojban skills very rapidly and am excited to begin using it for Dominance and other things as well.

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