Recent Work

Been kind of quiet, haven’t I?
I’ve been doing a little work on a school assignment. We have to do Pong 😉 A little bit under me, but I started it up three weeks later than I should’ve and have been doing some work on it. It’s taking priority over Dominance right now, but it will be uploaded here as soon as it is fully done and playable and then I can resume work on Dominance.
I’ve also been working on a mod for the upcoming indie title Overgrowth, pbeing developed by Wolfire Games. Overgrowth’s combat is primarily focused around melee and thrown weapons, but I felt like a gun might be a good proof of how much David Rosen’s engine can do and how flexible it is, as well as a fun thing to just mess around with. It’s also been a very good exercise in problem solving so far, and has given me some insight on what I want to do for Dominance to make it more and more moddable in the future. It’s a difficult thing to engineer, but something I’m excited to do.
If you’ve preordered Overgrowth, you can view the forum thread for my gun mod, otherwise you’ll just have to wait until it’s done and there is some video of it to see.

Thanks for the support, everyone. I hope to be back to developing Dominance soon and to make a lot of awesome progress.

Remember that you can follow me on Twitter, deviantArt and Fur Affinity for news updates, art and music both related and unrelated to Dominance!


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