Dominance Alpha #02

The second alpha is now available from the Dominance Releases page.

My friend lent me Fallout 3 so I have been rather unproductive for most of this week, but I still got some stuff done.

For Dominance’s second alpha…

  • I added a placeholder GUI that allows you to change what you are wearing. It currently only has one clothing button, but it will be relatively simple to add more of them. It isn’t a very efficient or elegant system either and I have plans to vastly improve it.
  • I enabled SFML’s built-in V Sync to hopefully make the game usable for the fast machines out there. If this doesn’t work, then I’ll have to look into limiting framerate manually next.
  • I add a text file with information on controls. That one, as well as the others, are now located in a READTHESE folder in your Dominance install.
  • When you update, you should be able to drag the install folder to the same place as the original and overwrite the files. If that fails to work, then just delete the old install and place the new one.
  • I tried to fix the MVCR100.dll error by statically linking SFML. Hopefully, this will fix the error for those of you who are getting it.

Remember that you can modify any of the files in the Data folder; it’s all open and very easy to access. You can also access the concept art via the Dropbox gallery.


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