Humble Bundle Mojam, Foray into Unity3D and Cross-Platform Dominance

Been working on and off on Dominance. The recent Humble Bundle Mojam involved my entire weekend devoted to watching Wolfire‘s streams. Didn’t even touch Mojang’s.

But through it all, I got kind of interested in and inspired to use Unity3D. So I checked it out and have been doing  a little platformer in there, just for shits and giggles. It’s a pretty nifty engine to use, and doesn’t take a terribly long time to become decent with it. There’s been a good bit of 3D math involved, especially with vectors, rotations, Quaternions  and linear algebra(Uber Important, for all you future game developers out there) and such. It’s been fun and probably I’ll keep doing some side stuff in Unity. All my projects will be, of course, freely available and posted up here if I get them anywhere cool enough to bother uploading. My time in Unity has also better equipped me for some sick Overgrowth modding.

The third alpha of Dominance is also coming shortly with new clothing assets, more buttons and more advanced XML capabilities. And after that…
I will be working solely on bringing Dominance to Mac and Linux users. No new features, no XML loading additions, no new art assets. Cross-platform porting only. It should go, hopefully, fast and easy. If not, then I’ll just muscle through it and be awesome that way. *Vain moment, let me enjoy it*

More news soon!


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