Dominance Alpha #3

Alright, here it is. Numero tres, boys and girls;  mis compadres. You can get it here and it comes complete with:

  • More clothing buttons. Whoo!
  • A button to turn into the lynx character when you aren’t him.
  • Full collision box loading. The game now loads up to 10 boxes via XML file. It won’t go past 10 because I’m still using an array of pointers for collision boxes and characters.
  • Game loads multiple characters from XML file now. Biggest issue is that I need to write a system so that it loads up only the resources it needs, only once and then uses them that way. Not sure how to do that yet, but I’ll figure it out, in time.
  • The side effect of that is that they can’t be spawned clothed yet, nor have each character be given a different base skin. Thus they are all identical. The player can, however, use Tab to open the GUI and use the arrows and Enter key to change what they themself are wearing.
  • You will notice that the characters are all hovering above the ground. Dev oversight, derp. But you can actually fix it now! Go into Dominance/Data/Levels/level_test.xml with Notepad++ or a similar XML editor and set each characters’ height offest value to 0. That will remedy the issue. Do you feel like real modders yet?


  • I’ll be adding a page dedicated to known, current bugs soon.
  • The first one on the list is why Dominance lags for some computers. I found that some monitors have a slow enough refresh rate that VSync will force my game to run uber slow on those monitors. I’ll be adding options to disable/enable VSync by the user later on.

And, as of now, I am instating a uber strict but temporary feature freeze. This is to allow me plenty of work time to port Dominance to Mac and Linux before it gets too big for me to handle the process. After that, Alpha 4 will be released, totally cross platform, and I can continue. How’s that sound everybody?

You can keep track of me on DeviantArt, FurAffinity and Twitter. You might even find me hanging out on the Wolfire, Antilia or RS2006 forums as Korban3.


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