Dominance Alpha #4

Whoo! The STEM Challenge due date is today! So I’m staying up all night on work on Dominance. And here is a good stopping point to drop an Alpha on you guys. Get it here. Get ready for teh bullet list…

  • Basic Combat. You can press and hold the shift key to attack nearby characters. Yeah!
  • A backdrop I put together real quick in MyPaint. Snazzy huh?
  • A reworked animation system that works a lot better than before. It’s much easier for me to use it now.
  • Animations can now loop backwards as well. It’s also possible to make transitional animations now.
  • A new enumerator that is used to tell the game that, alongside his health status, the play can be busy, free, attacking or restrained. Going to be useful later on. For now, it just tells the game that you can’t move or jump while attacking.
  • Made the cursor in the GUI bigger, so it’s easier to use now.
  • Got the height offset issue figured out. I’m leaving the functionality in, though, for later characters and use.
  • The user can now disable and enable VSync themselves. In the level XML file, there is a tag labeled ‘vsync’. Changing it to 0 disabled VSync. 1, which is default, enables it. If you computer runs Dominance way to fast, enable it. If the game runs slowly disable it and see what happens.
  • Manual defaults for characters to load up with when the XML level file is parsed.
  • Some new XML files that are unused right now, but are going to be used very soon to declare characters, animations and eventually attacks externally. This will allow users to create 100% custom content for Dominance and put them into the level.
  • Did some work cleaning code up and organizing things a little bit better.

So, my next plans are to get more awesome, visual stuff done for STEM (It’s only 3 am, after all) and see where I go after that. I’m thinking climbing right now. Then maybe some better animations. And a better animation declaration system.

You can keep track of me on DeviantArt, FurAffinity and Twitter. You might even find me hanging out on the Wolfire, Antilia or RS2006 forums as Korban3.


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