Been Quiet Lately

I’m not dead or anything, I’ve just been laying a bit low.

I actually did start on that 3D project, mostly because doing a bunch of sprite art gets me down and bored really easily. I opened up Unity and have been working with Verlet Integration and all kinds of other fun stuff for close to a week now and am enjoying it. Should make for a fun, educational side project that could turn into a full game if I get anywhere at all with the base mechanics.

I’ve noticed that I’ve, more and more, been losing motivation to work on Dominance. It’s not because I don’t want to finish it or I hate the ideas behind it now. I think that the sprites are part of it and that it’s just become this thing that I have to grind at and that I’m not really learning a ton of new, interesting stuff from while I work. I may bypass doing all those new sprites to keep myself motivated, since those are part of the issue, and keep moving to fun things I want to do. I doubt Dominance will ever reach a point where anyone would pay money for it, nor will I likely polish it up much, but I’m still hoping to learn a lot from it.
Especially in the way of finishing things I start up. I’m normally terrible about starting a project and just dropping it part-way in, so I’ll try hard to bring Dominance as close to a “finished” work as I can before I go nuts.

On a rather unrelated note, I started watching My Little Pony. While it doesn’t do me much good in my work, it keeps me feeling a bit happier than normal. I can’t complain about that 😀


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