Moving Engines, Pocketing Concept and Other News

So, y’all may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything about Dominance work for a while. I’ve sort of dropped the rudimentary engine I was building with Dominance. It wasn’t easy to work with, wasn’t setup properly for what I want now and was clunky. It was also limiting in what new tech I could work on.
Now, don’t freak out if the concept behind Dominance had really captured your imagination. I’m pocketing the concept and ideas for later. The make it into 3D, they may not. I may never revisit it, but who knows. I may even use the new engine to go through re-alpha stages and do Dominance in that, after this new idea has been hashed to death. But for now, expect Dominance news to halt while I get a new idea fired up to serve as a goal for this new engine.

More on the new engine.
I intend to do some more things with this than with the previous “engine”. First off, physics. I’m going to be doing some cool physics stuff with nodes and verlet integration and projection based collisions. This all may sound familiar if you’re as much a Wolfire fanboy as I am 😉 Anyways, that will likely be used for a majority of props as well as for some simple things with characters, like pseudo-IK or secondary animation.
I plan on doing some lighting stuff that I haven’t before. Namely, per-pixel normal mapping and lighting. I haven’t worked with lighting code AT ALL and it’s important that I do. Plus, it’ll become some awesome effects when used properly.
I’d like to play with particles a bit, which I didn’t get around to in Dominance.
I know I want some cool platforming stuff. All sorts of it.
I want to do puzzles, for sure. Most likely physics based stuff.
I’m not sure what I want for combat though. A shooting game? If so, is it a less-detailed, CoD, army-of-one situation or an uber-epic squad commander one that is unforgiving to people used to dumbed-down shooting games, like Hell’s Highway? Or maybe go the melee game route, like Castlevania and Nightmare Creatures. I’m just not sure on this front yet, although both would be fun.
I want to do water, but I may not. That’ll just depend on how far I actually take this project.
Now, I haven’t decided if I want to do normal sprite animation or if I want some crazy stuff with separate body parts acting as a skeletal system. I’ve definitely sat and ran the idea through my head, worked out a lot the intricacies of it. Would be cool, but this may have to wait for another game. Like, one that I would be able to sell and properly invest a year or two into, fully committed.

Expect some new concept art for this new game as well as more details on what it’s going to be all about and some ideas I have for the game’s progression.

I also recently discovered the MLP fan-game Dusk of Aetas, over at It’s looking cool so far, but they need some more pixel artists and composers to help them. I’m waiting on a response to volunteer some help as a lowish-experience programmer, but I can’t do pixel art nor music nearly as well as I program. If anyone reading this is interested, hit them up and help ’em out!

Other than that, I’ve been doing some MLP fan art, started some non-MLP concept art for this new game, wrote a MLP fan-fiction fan-track, which is possibly going to be released. I’m asking the author of the fan-fic, just to make sure I don’t offend his awesome writing with my newbish music.

And, on a final note, bootcamp is just a couple months away and in the USMC, it’s 12 weeks long. You’ll all be getting a dead silence, kind of like you get already, from me except that it will be three months long instead of just one.

Cheers, everyone!


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