Schools Over!

Big news. I just graduated high school today! I’ve got six weeks between tomorrow and Marine Corps Bootcamp, and I plan to make full use of that time for working.

I got to hang with my mom over the weekend, since she’s up from Arizona for graduation. She brought sparkling cider and a hand decorated glass for a present and the cider is pretty durn tasty so far. I’m going to enjoy the last of the parties this week, as well as the BBQ my parents want to throw and will be all serious, programmer, awesome in the meantime.

The last couple weeks before boot will be me putting a lot of comments in my code so that I can come back to it and relearn stuff I’ve forgotten faster.

My daily routine will turn into running an hour into town each day, with my laptop, sketchpad and motivation in tow.
Go to public library in town. Work a long time.
Visit friends in town when I get burnt out by working.
Get ripped/toned for bootcamp.
Make some awesome games/work on a single project that will likely never be finished and art in the meantime.


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