Site Update, Pixel Art Sneak Peek and New Engine Progress

I did some minor editing to a few pages on the site. Mostly, the page giving information on myself. I added my new,  personal e-mail there, for those that need to contact me directly. I’m keeping the WingedPuma one, just in case I ever find someone willing to join my league of extraordinarily newbtastic developers. Because, I honestly wouldn’t mind a sprite artist, sometimes. I’m just so slow at pixel art.

My new game, which is unnamed as of yet, has a cool race design going for it. I started the ideas for it a couple months ago. There’s a pencil and paper reference sheet I will upload, as soon as I can scan it. But for now, here’s a screenie of the pixel art I worked on. It’s a WIP and I won’t be able to produce the frames quickly, nor get a good animation quality with my skill level, but it’s still a nice thing to work on when I need a break from other stuff.
Don’t worry, I’ll get more detail visible in the concept art I make.

I’ve made some progress with the engine. It uses verlet integration, a system that allows for movement without velocity and that also adheres to Newton’s first law rather well, for motion. I got the input handling good. It handles multiple ‘constructs’, which are just entities that bind little components, like transform or sprite rendering modules, together.
There’s also an animation system that is similar to what I did with Dominance, but massively improves upon it. This includes a cleaner method of adding frames to the animation and smoother, more consistent playback.
I’ve decided that I want the environment to be similar to Castlevania SoTN. I want to have level ground and then 45 degree angled slopes. Nothing in-between. That will allow for more logical level design and a simpler way to implement character movement and climbing, as well as easier collision code.
I may or may not go here, but the verlet integration system allows for some cool physics as well. I can declare nodes that move physically and can they constrain them to make rigid bodies that can be used to make props that are physically dynamic. Pretty common place for games, these days, but I haven’t done it before. Should be really fun, if I attempt it! Could tie into some cool game mechanics as well.

I’ve decided that I want to go Metroidvania with this, being one of my favorite and best understood world setups for 2D games. As for combat, I’m thinking either minimalist or none at all, at least in a traditional sense. I want climbing and exploration to be big here, as well as puzzles. I want to go with the climbing system where I originally intended with Dominance and then a bit further. I always enjoy games with awesome climbing and I figure that it would be fun to make for myself.
Still wondering about whether I should give my engine thing a cool name and make it really engine-like or just purpose build it, hard coded, for the game. To be decided.

Also, less than five weeks until I ship out for bootcamp. Now that I’m graduated though, I can work a bit more.

Anyone have any opinions on this stuff? Any suggestions or critiques on my pixel art? Any errors on the site that need fixing?


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