Lurk in Unity3D?

Got some Hand or Foot in Mouth Disease or something. Basically, it makes my palms and soles of feet get a really painful rash, as well as my face breaking out into sores. It itches and hurts, but isn’t contagious. I thought it was chicken pox, because I was experiencing dehydration symptoms on Monday, but a trip to the clinic cleared it all up today. That wouldn’t be healthy at age seventeen, but it’s not the pox.
But what it is is apparently a lot more painful than chicken pox. Not awesome for working, but I’m one tough sum-bitch. Should go away within the next four days, with the antibiotics they gave me. They also gave me some anti-itch medication, but I don’t think it has started working just yet.
Anyways, business time.

I got some concept art scanned and put up on my dA profile recently. More info on the dA submission.

Oterylis Reference Sheet

An early sketch up of the dominant species in Lurk, recently named the Oterylis. Click image for original dA submission.

Yesterday, I plugged our flatscreen into my HDMI output hookup. 54″ of programming epicry ensued, all day. That epicry involved playing with Unity3D to see if I would be able to get Lurk made as a  3D game, like my brain originally created it, rather than spending a year on a 2D engine for it.

Lurk Screenshot from Unity

Early test model of the Oterylis operating in-game.

My initial evaluation went ok. JavaScript takes some getting used to, but I got some cool stuff done with rotation of a character’s head and torso. I want a camera and movement experience similar to Dead Space, since I played that to death and those mechanics always felt smooth, slick, immersive and just plain awesome, not to mention that it allowed the player to get a full look at the character’s body easily. Not huge for gameplay, but it definitely makes me feel like my character is more cool.

Lurk Screenshot from Unity

Another of the Oterylis being animated procedurally, by mouse movement. Different angle, still in-game perspective.

Since I’m not familiar with the animation system in Unity, I’d like to play with procedural animation a lot here. I want to use a model similar in construction to the one shown, although accurate to the actual design of the characters, for data and then manipulate a skinned mesh to that. Not sure how I’ll do that, but that’s why I’m doing this: to learn.

Lurk Screenshot from Unity

Shows the model from a more perspective. Looks just like the concept art, right?

I’ll continue with this Unity strain of Lurk until I have some sort of a game or until it fails miserably. The 2D engine I may use and finish someday. What’s there work really great. I just don’t want to spend all of my time making that instead of the actual game, just now.
Also, now that Lurk is named and the dominant species is named, I think it’s high time I made a page for it on this site! Coming soon, folks!


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