Lurk Update and Lots of Little Site Updates

So, to kick it off, here’s the most recent build of Lurk, just compiled this morning.

The controls haven’t changed, except for one that was added. There are now three camera modes (The first two are broken in the Flash deployment, if you intend to try that one). Press the “C” key to cycle through them. I made a third person, a third person over-the-shoulder and first person view, since I figure that those will all be useful for the player to navigate the world and engage in combat, covering the two play styles the game will emphasize on.

Controls Overview:
WASD or Arrows to Move (Configurable in the downloadable client)
Mouse to Look
C to cycle camera modes

Web Player
Windows Client
Mac Client

From now on, you’ll always be able to find the controls and links to Lurk on it’s shiny, new page here on the site.

I also put together an experimental project on Newgrounds. I’m testing out the Flash deployment in Unity as well, and you can play the most recent incarnation of the Flash upload on this project page. It should be public and open for anyone to go and look at. It also contains the design details I added to the new page on the site (See below)
Note: There is a problem with the Newgrounds Flash project not taking the newest build. Working on a fix. Until then, here’s the direct Flash build. If you go and use the one on the project page, it won’t be the most recent. Try it out on the direct link, for now.
Flash Project

I’ve also made a  much better looking logo thing, that actually looks like a puma with wings. I’ve got different places updated with it, like my deviantArt ID picture or the site icon here. Not a major change, but I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now.

As seen above, the new page for Lurk is on the site! It’s under the “Games” dropdown menu and is also accessible from the Games page itself. It contains an overview of the game, the controls and links to the game itself. Underneath the immediately awesome stuff, it currently has two big blocks of text. They cover my current ideas on combat and environments in Lurk, mostly discussing the basic play style outline and a bit about the places the player will explore.


2 thoughts on “Lurk Update and Lots of Little Site Updates

  1. Adwuga says:

    For some reason, I always read it as Wing-ed puma games, which to me, sounds cooler. You might want to consider adding a little accent mark, to make it official.

    For lurk, I would prefer A and D to be strafe, and S to be walk backwards. Also in my opinion this is something most game devs fail at, spend a REALLY REALLY LONG time on things the player does constantly, such as to look around, move, and jump. So many games do these basic things so badly, and it ruins what could be a fun game.

    Also, I’m trying to learn unity and such myself, but have no experience. I’m learning JavaScript, but from there I have no idea what to do. How would you recommend learning to make games?

    • Shayne B. says:

      Haha, don’t think I’ll be changing it, but you can read it however you like.

      Did you try hitting the C key? That swaps from the really loose (I don’t like that one much, myself) mode that it starts out in to one that uses your preferred scheme exactly. Hitting C again will cut to the first person one, which functions exactly like the over-the-shoulder one, just from his view.

      I think I’m going to cut the current loose one and use the over-the-shoulder as default. I’ll make these changes in the next update, as ground movement progresses. I just wanted to test out the centered camera with loose movement and I don’t like it much.
      I’m going for a Dead Space feel, when you look around you and move. I loved the feel of those mechanics in Dead Space and have a couple ideas in mind for this week’s work.

      Yeah, almost this entire dev time has been tweaking the way the head turns, or the way the body rotates when you move and how fast it is so that it’s just right. It’s a lot of tedious trial and error stuff, but I’m happy when that stuff feels right.

      Well, I started out making games in Game Maker. I used the drag and drop until I understood that enough. Then I moved on to it’s built coding language. After that, I graduated up to C++ and SFML. Not the easiest road, but I learned enough to start making games from scratch. That lends a lot of good knowledge into making Unity games, as you understand some of the low-level stuff better then.
      If you’re brand new to game development, I would point you to Game Maker. It’s quick and easy to learn and will have you progressing quickly. The only other alternative I have for you is to learn a programming language and just start making games from scratch right off the bat, and that’s tough.

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