Approaching Downtimes

Well, I’ll just cut to the chase here.
I’ll be having some downtime from around noon tomorrow until Saturday or Sunday. It’s a camping trip that was planned, then cancelled and then reinstated. I won’t be able to work on Lurk or anything, so any updates will resume later.

The next big one that is foreseeable is a bit larger. I’m leaving for USMC bootcamp later this month. My ship date is set for the 23rd this month, but there’s a small chance I could leave early. I’ll try to get another announcement out just before I go so that no one thinks that Lurk is dead or anything. Anyways, bootcamp is three months long. Then I come home for ten days leave. Not sure how active I’ll be during that time even. After that is combat training and then my MOS (Military Occupational Skill) training. I won’t be able to do much during combat training and I’m not sure how loose MOS training is.
But after all of that, likely a good chunk of a year, I will be able to resume work on Lurk in my spare time. The military is like any job and I plan on doing a good deal of college courses in the meantime, so Lurk will have to be done alongside all the other stuff. And that’s assuming I actually have time to develop Lurk while I’m in. It might actually end up having to wait until I’m done with the college courses or even until I discharge. Let’s hope it doesn’t have to be put off like that, but just be warned that it’s a possibility.

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