Quick Update on Downtimes

Okay, the big downtime is coming up fast. My bootcamp ship date is in 12 days, the 23rd of this month. I’ll be gone for three months and even after that I can’t promise massive amounts of progress on Lurk. I’ll be working my military job and probably doing night or online courses on the side, so Lurk will not be able to have as much priority then. I might still be able to squeeze in some work, but we’ll just have to see how much time I end up with.
I began writing a bit of fiction recently. I figured that with my intent in Lurk being to have a Tolkien inspired story, I should probably write one beforehand. I haven’t done any writing for a little while now, but I’m off to a decent start. Like a lot of my side, funsies work recently it’s about ponies, but I would hope to write it well enough that anyone could enjoy it. I’ll be attempting to get chapter one complete before I ship out and upload it, at least.
That’s about it for now, I’ll post a bit more as my bootcamp ship date comes even closer.


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