Swapping to Linux, Horizon Progress and A Project

Making the swap over to Ubuntu. I figure that Windows sucks way too much not to be using Linux. So, while the .iso file is downloading, I went shopping for alternative software to stuff that has no native Linux build. I’ll get into my software list at the end, so it doesn’t bog all the other stuff down.

I am working on Horizon, when I have free time. I’m a little way into Chapter 3, so don’t get your panties in a bunch or anything.

I haven’t posted or tweeted or any of that stuff about I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches or the engine or anything because
*Drum Roll*
I’m working on a 3D game with some buddies. I was taken on as a 3D artist, but I’m probably going to be doing a good deal of coding as well as music and other fun stuff. I guess this is one of those times where being at least somewhat skilled a freakish amount of things comes in handy 😀
I’ll be sure to post some stuff as we go along. There’s already a video of a rigging test up on my Youtube channel. The video can be found here, complete with a rigging error. The error was rectified with no further harm done. The animation itself isn’t anything special and the camera work was crap, but meh.

For those that care about my personal ramblings on my software, read on. Otherwise, piss off ❤
Softwares that have a Linux build ready to install:
+ MyPaint
+ Blender
+ Sublime Text
+ Overgrowth (Yeah, a native Linux game. No foolin’, kiddies)
+ Audacity
+ Notepad++, I believe
+ Dropbox

Things I’ve found replacements for:
+ Synthfont/FLStudio
> LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) seems like a good candidate
+ PaintDotNet
> The GIMP
+ Visual Studio C++
> Code::Blocks
+ Unity
> Blender. It has a built in, integrated game engine. It often gets put down by users because it doesn’t hold your hand the way Unity does. I have faith though, BGE will work for me, when I want to do 3D stuff.

Things to look into replacing:
+ Sculptris
> Blender has sculpting, but I haven’t used it enough to know whether it’ll do what I need it to. I don’t use Sculptris often anyways, so this is a minor concern.

The biggest software loss is going to be in games, since most games don’t have Linux builds available. This is especially true in AAA titles. That’s not a horror though, as I don’t play games often. Besides, there are lots of great indie games out there that are available for Linux. And when it comes down to it, if I’m missing on any type of game really hard, I’ll just have to make my own, eh?


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