Update on Linux and Game Dev Stuff

Hey there, all! Been a while.
Linux is the greatest thing ever, especially Ubuntu. I love it!

I have yet to install a C++ IDE, but I did install Blender so I can keep my game programming skills sharp until I do get around to Code::Blocks. MyPaint works great, got a couple of small games to play when I’m bored.

I lost all of my old data when my backup USB drive broke during the OS swap. So, I lost my progress on Chapter 3 of Horizon. Kind of a bummer and I haven’t gotten around to starting it up again just yet. My motivation has been kind of down these last couple weeks and I’m getting a bit depressed again, but I’ll push through.

Also got a job landscaping with an Italian guy. My friend in the poole at my Marines Recruitment Station works with her dad and she heard I could do with some work. Got 470 USD the first week, but that was a rather busy week for jobs. I haven’t had any work called in for a few days, but I was called in for tomorrow 😀

Other than that, My Little Pony’s third season starts very soon, so have some Luna


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