Shooting Game Recieves Name, Video Soon

I’ve recently decided to name my Blender3D shooting game ‘TIGS’.
‘TIGS’ is a recursive acronym that stands from “TIGS Isn’t a Generic Shooter”.

I’ll have a video update soon, likely before this week is over. In fact, it has to be before that as I will be off to San Diego for USMC bootcamp (Hoping to Celestia I don’t screw this up again, because then I’d really be in a tight spot) and won’t be in contact for 3 months.
Anyways, I had gotten shooting into TIGS, really cool stuff with physics based recoil and yadda yadda when my PC turned off because the battery died. I had saved, but the impromptu closure corrupted the Data.blend file and I had to revert to an older one, although a couple of scripts were salvaged.

As is, I’ve made sure to add a little more security to the data behind the game. I decided that this time I wanted to start with character animation instead of weapons, as I was very unhappy with how the character movement was going before. So, you’ll be seeing a bit of procedural animation or physics based animation or whatever-the-hell I made when I get this video made.
Please keep in mind that I’m one guy who doesn’t actually have any actual experience in animation, procedural or otherwise. It looks wonky and that likely won’t change for TIGS. I’ll simply have to live with that until I make another game and am able to do a better job with that one.

As for non game stuff, I’ve got some news on Horizon.
I have spent some time outlining the story ahead, since Chapter 3 was all off the top of my head with no future direction. Not letting that happen again, as it was hellish to write. So, I’ve got at least 3 or 4 chapters of material roughed out, ready to be written down on FimFiction. Probably going to stay up tonight and work on Chapter 4.

Also, Lojban is still awesome and I’m sure Twilight Sparkle would fully endorse it, if she heard about it. Go check it out at and learn an awesome language. I’m amazed how much vocab (Not actually that much, in the scale of things) I retained after not doing any studying for so long. I’ve been using to learn gismu and there is material on the Lojban site for the basic syntax and grammar if you’d like to pick it up as well.

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2 thoughts on “Shooting Game Recieves Name, Video Soon

  1. Edward Riker says:


    I can dig that.

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