Cockpit, Anti-Sploder, TIGS for Windows, Site Updates

Mkay, here’s what I got for y’all today:

  • Cockpit, a little project I worked on while on leave between bootcamp and combat training.
  • TIGS, now for Windows.
  • EDIT: Anti-Sploder got a page and download up, too. Finally. And to think I almost forgot to put that in this post.
  • Site cleaned up (Mostly the Games page), some information updated, Cockpit and Anti-Sploder have pages now, removed the pages for all the old crap that wasn’t worth looking at. Might put some small links up somewhere, but they aren’t up to par with my skills now and don’t leave a good impression. And the page format was cluttered anyways.
  • Reorganized the links at the top of the site.


This is the result of about 4 or 5 days of work in Blender to keep my programming refreshed and sharp after recruit training. I wanted to make a cool space ship game, like Black Prophecy. So I did, although mine is definitely not as pretty nor am I done with it yet. Available here for Windows and Linux. Not for Mac, but we’ll get to that in a second.

TIGS for Windows

What it says on the box. If you aren’t cool enough to use Linux, now you too can enjoy all that Blender goodness I started before bootcamp. Also, TIGS is on hiatus until I finish MCT and find time to work on it, same goes for Cockpit. Anyways, pick it up for the cost of only a few calories of clicking right here.


A game about not blowing stuff up. Made forever ago, finally uploaded here mostly because it’s the only game I’ve actually managed to finish. Thanks to an 18 hour time constraint. Go figure. Check it out here.

We already covered site updates in that bullet list, really, so all that leaves is…

Mac Versions of Cockpit and TIGS

I’ve gotten the Windows version to build under Wine, but I don’t think there’s an equivalent method for me to run the Mac version of Blender. Until I get something figured out on this front, someone on a Mac, with Blender 2.64 or above, is going to need to help us all out. I can get this organized better after MCT, but basically someone needs to go into the game folder and open either the Data.blend (For cockpit) or the START.blend (For TIGS) and run the export addon “File” > “Export” > “Save as Game Engine Runtime”. You may have to go in and enable this addon under “File” > “User Preferences” > “Import/Export”.
Once I’ve got that organized, I just need to upload it to the website so Mac users can play em too.

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