A Desert, OpenGL and Appendicitis

Been a while. A really long while.

Got moved out to this desert for some motivated training. Just some technical schooling stuff, nothing really field related. Still have access to my PC and other stuff. Beside classes, I end up with a bit of free time here in the evenings and on weekends, which is awesome.

So, I was down by the Library here on base and decided to pop in and look at the Rosetta Stone disks they had. Been meaning to start learning a second language for a bit, ended up grabbing a Russian one. However, before I made it to the Rosetta Stones, I happened to spot this guy. Awwww, yeah. Git some.
Started reading away at it. I’m pretty far in with the reading. As for following along with the programing, I’m about at the point of learning about some of the less basic texture methods and writing shaders from scratch, which I’m super excited for. This has pretty much been what any programming I’ve been doing has revolved around recently. I’d love to work on TIGS or Cockpit or some other ideas I had pop into my head, but this is pretty important to me right now. I kinda feel like I need to finally learn how to write some shaders and use OpenGL. Blender’s game engine is awesome, but it isn’t going to keep me satisfied for long. I want some more freedom and control and there’s only one way I know how to get that.

And then my appendix decided to bitch out. Had a couple of days with some pretty bad abdominal pain, difficulty walking blah blah blah. My squadleader prompted me to go to the little naval clinic and they eventually had me get a CAT scan or whatever that thing is. The doc came in and was like “Hey, looks like you have acute appendicitis.”
Well, shit.

I’m all fixed up now, but I was later told that if I’d tried to walk down to the PX, about a half mile away, I’d have died. Go figure. Road to recovery is littered with constipation, dizziness, unwarranted exhaustion and laziness, but I’ll be ok I guess. Mostly making it hard to get anything really done. It’s been hard to focus on much.

Other than all that, not much really going on. Just getting by, doing what I can. Oh, and I updated a few pages on the site 😀
I miss my cat though.


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