Just Another Government Shutdown Post

I’m sure everyone is posting on their blogs about this, but there’s two cents burning a whole in my pocket.

For civilians, the shutdown doesn’t seem to have really done much. They see that government employees are being furloughed or having hours cut and that the military is still being paid. It’s ok, those government employees are only half of a percent of the entire US population, so it’s not that big of a deal.

They don’t see all of the facilities that are shutting down, like the commissary, SMP, Learning Resource Center and the family pool. The bowling alley is shutdown, the MCX employee hours are being shaved away, I don’t think the library is open and this is all on top of recent changes that are going to be making life for junior Marines generally less pleasant.

It’s not all super important stuff, but it’s those little things. Married Marines, who don’t receive chow hall services, no longer have anywhere on base to buy produce. They have to drive to Walmart, off base, just to buy groceries. Not so bad, at other bases, but 29 Palms is in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Yeah, we’re being paid. However, that was only decided in the very last hours of negotiation. It’s pretty clear that service members are not a priority for Congress and I wouldn’t be surprised to see our pay checks cut or completely dry up soon. Marines who have Navy Federal checking accounts are going to be payed still, do to some sort of government pay check insurance sort of thing, but that’s going to dry up quickly as well. I have Pacific Marine still, from bootcamp, and they don’t do that whole pay thing. The chow hall and barracks have been guaranteed to us, but I don’t know how stable that’s going to stay.

Hopefully, this clears up in a couple days and doesn’t blow up into more than it needs to be.


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