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A Desert, OpenGL and Appendicitis

Been a while. A really long while.

Got moved out to this desert for some motivated training. Just some technical schooling stuff, nothing really field related. Still have access to my PC and other stuff. Beside classes, I end up with a bit of free time here in the evenings and on weekends, which is awesome.

So, I was down by the Library here on base and decided to pop in and look at the Rosetta Stone disks they had. Been meaning to start learning a second language for a bit, ended up grabbing a Russian one. However, before I made it to the Rosetta Stones, I happened to spot this guy. Awwww, yeah. Git some.
Started reading away at it. I’m pretty far in with the reading. As for following along with the programing, I’m about at the point of learning about some of the less basic texture methods and writing shaders from scratch, which I’m super excited for. This has pretty much been what any programming I’ve been doing has revolved around recently. I’d love to work on TIGS or Cockpit or some other ideas I had pop into my head, but this is pretty important to me right now. I kinda feel like I need to finally learn how to write some shaders and use OpenGL. Blender’s game engine is awesome, but it isn’t going to keep me satisfied for long. I want some more freedom and control and there’s only one way I know how to get that.

And then my appendix decided to bitch out. Had a couple of days with some pretty bad abdominal pain, difficulty walking blah blah blah. My squadleader prompted me to go to the little naval clinic and they eventually had me get a CAT scan or whatever that thing is. The doc came in and was like “Hey, looks like you have acute appendicitis.”
Well, shit.

I’m all fixed up now, but I was later told that if I’d tried to walk down to the PX, about a half mile away, I’d have died. Go figure. Road to recovery is littered with constipation, dizziness, unwarranted exhaustion and laziness, but I’ll be ok I guess. Mostly making it hard to get anything really done. It’s been hard to focus on much.

Other than all that, not much really going on. Just getting by, doing what I can. Oh, and I updated a few pages on the site 😀
I miss my cat though.


Cockpit, Anti-Sploder, TIGS for Windows, Site Updates

Mkay, here’s what I got for y’all today:

  • Cockpit, a little project I worked on while on leave between bootcamp and combat training.
  • TIGS, now for Windows.
  • EDIT: Anti-Sploder got a page and download up, too. Finally. And to think I almost forgot to put that in this post.
  • Site cleaned up (Mostly the Games page), some information updated, Cockpit and Anti-Sploder have pages now, removed the pages for all the old crap that wasn’t worth looking at. Might put some small links up somewhere, but they aren’t up to par with my skills now and don’t leave a good impression. And the page format was cluttered anyways.
  • Reorganized the links at the top of the site.


This is the result of about 4 or 5 days of work in Blender to keep my programming refreshed and sharp after recruit training. I wanted to make a cool space ship game, like Black Prophecy. So I did, although mine is definitely not as pretty nor am I done with it yet. Available here for Windows and Linux. Not for Mac, but we’ll get to that in a second.

TIGS for Windows

What it says on the box. If you aren’t cool enough to use Linux, now you too can enjoy all that Blender goodness I started before bootcamp. Also, TIGS is on hiatus until I finish MCT and find time to work on it, same goes for Cockpit. Anyways, pick it up for the cost of only a few calories of clicking right here.


A game about not blowing stuff up. Made forever ago, finally uploaded here mostly because it’s the only game I’ve actually managed to finish. Thanks to an 18 hour time constraint. Go figure. Check it out here.

We already covered site updates in that bullet list, really, so all that leaves is…

Mac Versions of Cockpit and TIGS

I’ve gotten the Windows version to build under Wine, but I don’t think there’s an equivalent method for me to run the Mac version of Blender. Until I get something figured out on this front, someone on a Mac, with Blender 2.64 or above, is going to need to help us all out. I can get this organized better after MCT, but basically someone needs to go into the game folder and open either the Data.blend (For cockpit) or the START.blend (For TIGS) and run the export addon “File” > “Export” > “Save as Game Engine Runtime”. You may have to go in and enable this addon under “File” > “User Preferences” > “Import/Export”.
Once I’ve got that organized, I just need to upload it to the website so Mac users can play em too.

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I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Update
^ Go Get It There

Been dealing with some depression and lack of motivation these last few weeks. Finally got around to uploading the build on my PC of IaWB. There’s an update to the controls on the game’s page.
At least, I think this is an update. It should be a bit ahead of the last one. I’ve been out of it too long. I can’t remember for sure.

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I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Build #2

Second build, now up for download here: [Here]


  • Wonderbolt is now in
  • Camera that follows character
  • Updated Controls
    Press Space to flap your (Currently not implemented) wings
    Hold W to slow you fall speed
    Hold A or D to move left or right respectively

Enjoy, bitches.

I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Build #01

Here it is, the first build of I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches

Early build. Being made as the first sub project of LurkTech. That’s what I’m calling the engine for Lurk, by the way.
Deal with it.

I’m making this one because ponies are awesome and I need to do some work on the collisions and basic motion physics. I’d also like to play with some cool animation ideas I have, but we’ll see about that. Might have to wait til a later project

These sub projects are going to be my way of making Lurk without spending a year or two on just one game. I’ll make this 2D engine for Lurk by making small games for each component. So, if I want particles, I’ll make a small game centered around particles. That way, I end up with an awesome engine, more skill and experience and the motivation to make Lurk itself.

Well, that’s that. I’ll be working on this project a bit longer and then once it feels done or at least feels like I could no longer benefit from working on it, I’ll move on to another.

I’d love to hear what you think about the game so far. I don’t want sugar coated “Oh, that’s cool”s. I want to hear what feels bad, want isn’t responsive, what doesn’t seem intuitive. I know there’s not much too it yet, but any feedback helps a lot, even if it’s negative, so long as it’s constructive.

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Lurk Update and Lots of Little Site Updates

So, to kick it off, here’s the most recent build of Lurk, just compiled this morning.

The controls haven’t changed, except for one that was added. There are now three camera modes (The first two are broken in the Flash deployment, if you intend to try that one). Press the “C” key to cycle through them. I made a third person, a third person over-the-shoulder and first person view, since I figure that those will all be useful for the player to navigate the world and engage in combat, covering the two play styles the game will emphasize on.

Controls Overview:
WASD or Arrows to Move (Configurable in the downloadable client)
Mouse to Look
C to cycle camera modes

Web Player
Windows Client
Mac Client

From now on, you’ll always be able to find the controls and links to Lurk on it’s shiny, new page here on the site.

I also put together an experimental project on Newgrounds. I’m testing out the Flash deployment in Unity as well, and you can play the most recent incarnation of the Flash upload on this project page. It should be public and open for anyone to go and look at. It also contains the design details I added to the new page on the site (See below)
Note: There is a problem with the Newgrounds Flash project not taking the newest build. Working on a fix. Until then, here’s the direct Flash build. If you go and use the one on the project page, it won’t be the most recent. Try it out on the direct link, for now.
Flash Project

I’ve also made a  much better looking logo thing, that actually looks like a puma with wings. I’ve got different places updated with it, like my deviantArt ID picture or the site icon here. Not a major change, but I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now.

As seen above, the new page for Lurk is on the site! It’s under the “Games” dropdown menu and is also accessible from the Games page itself. It contains an overview of the game, the controls and links to the game itself. Underneath the immediately awesome stuff, it currently has two big blocks of text. They cover my current ideas on combat and environments in Lurk, mostly discussing the basic play style outline and a bit about the places the player will explore.

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