Any future additions and updates to information on how to get a hold of us will be housed in this page in the future.

Official WingedPuma E-Mail:


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Craig Taylor says:

    Sup Shane its Craig im having trouble getting this to work. I have tried downloading the file that is on the page. I have downloaded the Dominance Alpha and it said i need the other file. So i did what you said and i downloaded that, but it still in not working. Im wondering how to save it in installments. Hopefully you will respond soon.
    -Craig Taylor

  2. Shayne B. says:

    So it says you’re missing the MVCR100.dll right? After that, you downloaded the file and placed it in the Dominance folder, along with the other .dll files?
    If it still gives you an error, try deleting the game folder and re-downloading the newest one.
    The error is a compiler specific one. I need to switch to a different compiler to permanently remove the issue. I’m thinking about Code::Blocks. I’ve heard good things about it.
    Installments? You mean like just saving the new one over the old one? That should work fine, but make sure you are allowing the computer to overwrite any files it wants to in that folder when you add the update.

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