PFC Butts, Shayne C. (USMCR)

General Information

I freakin’ love games, have since I was a kid. I guess somewhere along the way I realized that they were actually made by people and said “I wanna make these things, too”. I also get a real kick out of drawing, music and writing, among a zillion other things I don’t have time for. I like Lojban.

I’ve been learning to program in C++ since August of 2011. This is also the time when I began my first game project, Dominance. While I’ve abandoned the Dominance project, I’ve kept the concept hanging around just in case I want to revisit it later.

I struck out alone with Dominance and it’s original concept was pretty fuzzy. Although I’d spent that last year or two dabbling with Game Maker and such, Dominance was my first foray into compiler C++ game programming. As such, it’s been a rocky go, but I’ve made big strides and have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve put into my games, however incomplete they tend to be. Even though I’m no longer developing Dominance, I’m still loving my work and have made more progress both in my skills and ability as well as my knowledge.

Because I’m currently the only developer at WingedPuma, I get to do all of the work that even small teams get to divvy up. So I’m the concept artist, sprite artist, animator, programmer, tool programmer, GUI artist, composer, sound artist, PR guy, designer, director, writer, voice actor if ever need be. In other words, “Omni-Dev”.

How I Started Out

I’ve had a few people ask me how I got my start with games, so I’ll post it up right here.

I started out with Game Maker, using its drag and drop interface and eventually graduated to it’s built in language, GML. I also learned some Lua while I was playing Roblox, which is an online, free, epic version of Legos that kicks the plastic blocks’ ass. After a year or two of dabbling with those, I started to follow the development of Overgrowth. I preordered a few months into following it and was very soon inspired by David’s ability to begin learning game programming in earnest. I actually started with OpenGL and a 3D project, but that was obviously too complicated. So I started on what became Dominance using C++ through Visual C++ Express and SFML for windowing and graphics. Code Blocks is another good compiler, though I have yet to try it. While I haven’t followed many tutorials on C++, I finished a class at the Pierce County Skills Center for game design that helped out quite a bit. A lot of programming is experimentation and figuring out how to get what you need done to happen, and that’s just what I’ve learned to do.

This guy is one helluva brony.

I use these personal accounts on the webs. Feel free to watch/follow/subscribe any of them:


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