My second game project and the only one I consider myself to have actually finished.
Don’t blow stuff up.
You’re gonna want to read the ReadMe in this one. I have no idea what I was thinking when I made the control scheme, but it’s terrible.


> Windows

Anti-Sploder is a game in which you pilot a tank in some grey place that you have to escape. There are crates, nukes and movable boxes scattered about the room. Your goal is to use your turret to manipulate blocks in the room, opening up the exit and fleeing, without doing anything to the nukes. It was to be a puzzle game, but I didn’t have enough time at the end to make the level puzzley. But it does have the basic framework for puzzles.
This is the product of my game design class final. I used SFML for rendering and input. Anti-Sploder was completed in a period of 18 hours, starting from when I got home after being assigned the project up until 5:30am the next morning. The art assets, minus the win and lose screens which were mine, were produced by my teammates so I could focus completely on the programming over night, resulting in the game actually being finished. It seems like the final tank asset is missing, so you all get to see my programmer art instead 😀


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