POINT BLANK FLANK, abbreviated ._FLANK/>, is a text-based adventure game developed under Colivien. Intended as a testing ground, <._FLANK/> is being used to prototype different gameplay mechanics to see what does and doesn’t work well in a command-line environment.

The game has four main characters, three of which are playable. The fourth is intended for testing leadership AI that can command and control a team of characters, including the player.

The cast spans the three races of My Little Pony fame: unicorn, pegasus and earth pony. Each of the playable characters represents a different race, while the leader is a unicorn.

Each character packs a unique load, tailored to suit their race’s strengths and weaknesses. Weapons and other gear designs are derived from the Equestrian Firearms Concept (EFC), which I’ve stored in a public Dropbox folder, available below. At its basest, this means that each character has weapons and armor that I designed from the ground up to fit how each race might develop firearms if gunpowder were created. Rather than a unicorn toting a weapon that humans are familiar with, like an AK47 or Glock, the weapons have every consideration made to seem usable and realistically designed for each race.

Gameplay Setting
<._FLANK/> plays out in an underground compound in which the four main characters have been trapped in by a horde of monsters outside. The team must find an exit from the underground complex before the horrors looming in the dark find them. The story of <._FLANK/> is a fictional piece of horror fiction, written in the year 203 PTS (An annotation denoting the 203rd year of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s rule. See EFC for more information) by Abstract Shudder, an obscure author of the time. The tale and characters are his contrivance and the game loosely follows the plotline he set forth in his novel. The player’s experience is meant to represent the telling of the tale.

Equestrian Firearms Concept
While this material is free to use, and I do encourage others to make use of it in their works, I only request credit in writing it up and a link to the results so I can see your awesome work.


11 thoughts on “POINT BLANK FLANK

  1. Parker giles says:

    i would love to play this game and i thank you for your hard work at making this amazing game. Please don’t give up on it and continue on this game.

  2. lxlMlgGamerlxl says:

    This seems really cool! You should add music for certain scenes. I don’t know, just thought that’d be cool.

    • Shayne B. says:

      That’s one of the features I planned on experimenting with.

      Big, theatrical style scores wouldn’t work well, but I like the vibe of this track. Really fits exactly what I want for the game.

      • lxlMlgGamerlxl says:

        Yeah, that’s a good one. You shouldn’t have it just have this song. Add variety, make it change depending on what is happening. That’d make it more immersive.

        Can’t wait to see this happen, I’ll share this with some of my friends.

      • Shayne B. says:

        I definitely plan to. I’ve been swamped with pretty much everything else in life right now, but the plan when I get back to my projects was to use nature sounds, such as rain on the rooftop when you’re indoors during a storm, or subtle jungle ambiance as well as other musical pieces to deliver the mood. It’ll all be pretty experimental, but I think it should be fun to see where it goes.
        Thanks for spreading the word. Even though I’m essentially on hiatus, it really helps a lot. Hopefully everything clears up soon and I can get back to work.

  3. lxlMlgGamerlxl says:

    Hey, me again. Just wondering how everything is going?

    • lxlMlgGamerlxl says:

      Accidental question mark lol.

    • Shayne B. says:

      Haven’t done a lot of programming recently. Been busy with real life stuff, but I’ve at least wanted to get back to it. Better than having no motivation at all. I definitely need to start scheduling time to work on games.
      I appreciate the continued interest though. It’s hard to work on a game when you think no one cares to see it finalized, the comments help more than you can imagine.

  4. lxlMlgGamerlxl says:

    The Equestrian Firearms Concept says “The file you’re looking for has been deleted or moved.” Just thought I should let you know.

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