TIGS is a physics-heavy, methodical first person shooter in the Blender Game Engine.


> Linux
> Windows
> Don’t worry Mac users, someday


TIGS is a culmination of my frustration with most shooting games available these days. I’ve got all of these things I hate in shooters, especially first person ones, so I decided that I’d make a shooter that I wanted. There aren’t many shooters that really ring with what I wanted to see, A New Zero and Receiver being the only two that immediately come to mind, so I set off. My first major goals were to outline what I wanted the core gameplay to be and how I was going to execute.

Core Gameplay

My emphasis has been on developing with the verbs “Run”, “Jump” and “Shoot” first on my list of goals. So, I spent a long time on just getting the base foundations for movement right. I wanted just walking around and looking at stuff to feel good; I want jumping from box to box to be fun; I want shooting to feel just freakin’ great. I’ve done some studying on what makes each of these things feel great and hope to execute solidly on each front. If I can do that, I figure that’s half the battle.


Keep in mind that this is pretty early in development. While the graphics aren’t likely to go into any amount of vast detail, expect the gameplay and other mechanics to develop and vastly improve eventually. This project is halted, but definitely not dead. I’ll probably revisit TIGS in earnest when I have time and the knowledge to do my own 3D graphics and physics properly.
Fun Fact:  TIGS is a recursive acronym. It stands for “TIGS Isn’t a Generic Shooter”


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