Cockpit, Anti-Sploder, TIGS for Windows, Site Updates

Mkay, here’s what I got for y’all today:

  • Cockpit, a little project I worked on while on leave between bootcamp and combat training.
  • TIGS, now for Windows.
  • EDIT: Anti-Sploder got a page and download up, too. Finally. And to think I almost forgot to put that in this post.
  • Site cleaned up (Mostly the Games page), some information updated, Cockpit and Anti-Sploder have pages now, removed the pages for all the old crap that wasn’t worth looking at. Might put some small links up somewhere, but they aren’t up to par with my skills now and don’t leave a good impression. And the page format was cluttered anyways.
  • Reorganized the links at the top of the site.


This is the result of about 4 or 5 days of work in Blender to keep my programming refreshed and sharp after recruit training. I wanted to make a cool space ship game, like Black Prophecy. So I did, although mine is definitely not as pretty nor am I done with it yet. Available here for Windows and Linux. Not for Mac, but we’ll get to that in a second.

TIGS for Windows

What it says on the box. If you aren’t cool enough to use Linux, now you too can enjoy all that Blender goodness I started before bootcamp. Also, TIGS is on hiatus until I finish MCT and find time to work on it, same goes for Cockpit. Anyways, pick it up for the cost of only a few calories of clicking right here.


A game about not blowing stuff up. Made forever ago, finally uploaded here mostly because it’s the only game I’ve actually managed to finish. Thanks to an 18 hour time constraint. Go figure. Check it out here.

We already covered site updates in that bullet list, really, so all that leaves is…

Mac Versions of Cockpit and TIGS

I’ve gotten the Windows version to build under Wine, but I don’t think there’s an equivalent method for me to run the Mac version of Blender. Until I get something figured out on this front, someone on a Mac, with Blender 2.64 or above, is going to need to help us all out. I can get this organized better after MCT, but basically someone needs to go into the game folder and open either the Data.blend (For cockpit) or the START.blend (For TIGS) and run the export addon “File” > “Export” > “Save as Game Engine Runtime”. You may have to go in and enable this addon under “File” > “User Preferences” > “Import/Export”.
Once I’ve got that organized, I just need to upload it to the website so Mac users can play em too.

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Back From Bootcamp For a Bit

Been home from bootcamp this week, 10 days leave feels pretty good after that.
I’ll be leaving for combat training on Tuesday, early in the AM and will be out of touch for 4 weeks. After that, I should be able to use my computer during MOS school, at least a little. Spent some time this week on a dinky little flying game to keep my skills up to par after recruit training, I’ll be sure to post at least the .blend file for everyone to look at and play if they want to.

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Shooting Game Recieves Name, Video Soon

I’ve recently decided to name my Blender3D shooting game ‘TIGS’.
‘TIGS’ is a recursive acronym that stands from “TIGS Isn’t a Generic Shooter”.

I’ll have a video update soon, likely before this week is over. In fact, it has to be before that as I will be off to San Diego for USMC bootcamp (Hoping to Celestia I don’t screw this up again, because then I’d really be in a tight spot) and won’t be in contact for 3 months.
Anyways, I had gotten shooting into TIGS, really cool stuff with physics based recoil and yadda yadda when my PC turned off because the battery died. I had saved, but the impromptu closure corrupted the Data.blend file and I had to revert to an older one, although a couple of scripts were salvaged.

As is, I’ve made sure to add a little more security to the data behind the game. I decided that this time I wanted to start with character animation instead of weapons, as I was very unhappy with how the character movement was going before. So, you’ll be seeing a bit of procedural animation or physics based animation or whatever-the-hell I made when I get this video made.
Please keep in mind that I’m one guy who doesn’t actually have any actual experience in animation, procedural or otherwise. It looks wonky and that likely won’t change for TIGS. I’ll simply have to live with that until I make another game and am able to do a better job with that one.

As for non game stuff, I’ve got some news on Horizon.
I have spent some time outlining the story ahead, since Chapter 3 was all off the top of my head with no future direction. Not letting that happen again, as it was hellish to write. So, I’ve got at least 3 or 4 chapters of material roughed out, ready to be written down on FimFiction. Probably going to stay up tonight and work on Chapter 4.

Also, Lojban is still awesome and I’m sure Twilight Sparkle would fully endorse it, if she heard about it. Go check it out at and learn an awesome language. I’m amazed how much vocab (Not actually that much, in the scale of things) I retained after not doing any studying for so long. I’ve been using to learn gismu and there is material on the Lojban site for the basic syntax and grammar if you’d like to pick it up as well.

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Blender Game Demo

Alright folks, got a playable demo of the most bare bones 3D platformer y’all have ever seen.
This is probably only going to run under Linux. I’ll be looking into someone to help me make Blender builds for Mac and Windows as well.
The controls are as follows:
WASD to move
Space to Jump
Shift to crouch, which makes you jump higher
Right Click to grab ledges
Should you find yourself holding Right Click and magically floating in midair next to a ledge, press Space to climb up.

And that’s it. I’m still debugging some stuff and getting the motion put together how I want. I’ll keep working on this little project for a while, see what I can do with it. I’ve got a couple ideas, but it’s fairly loose right now.

Been chipping away at chapter 3 of Horizon, so expect that within maybe a couple weeks. Not really sure how soon it’ll be done.
And a piece of art for an Autumn Art Exchange over on deviantArt.
And I finally got a Doom .wad editor to run under Linux. Unfortunately, it’s a crash-happy DOS application and is a pain in the ass to use, as well as slow. But, it’s fun for killing time.

And other than all of that, I’m still trying to drop the last bit of weight I need to in order to reenlist in the DEP and leave for the Marines. Hopefully, I’ll be down to weight this week or the next and then will be off to boot in two months.

To close this post up, have some pone.
Taking back the holy land, one adorable river of blood at a time.

Damnit. If you’re here on a trip through legacy, you shoulda seen the original image I had here. Cute as all get out. But this’ll do I guess.

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Update on Linux and Game Dev Stuff

Hey there, all! Been a while.
Linux is the greatest thing ever, especially Ubuntu. I love it!

I have yet to install a C++ IDE, but I did install Blender so I can keep my game programming skills sharp until I do get around to Code::Blocks. MyPaint works great, got a couple of small games to play when I’m bored.

I lost all of my old data when my backup USB drive broke during the OS swap. So, I lost my progress on Chapter 3 of Horizon. Kind of a bummer and I haven’t gotten around to starting it up again just yet. My motivation has been kind of down these last couple weeks and I’m getting a bit depressed again, but I’ll push through.

Also got a job landscaping with an Italian guy. My friend in the poole at my Marines Recruitment Station works with her dad and she heard I could do with some work. Got 470 USD the first week, but that was a rather busy week for jobs. I haven’t had any work called in for a few days, but I was called in for tomorrow 😀

Other than that, My Little Pony’s third season starts very soon, so have some Luna

Swapping to Linux, Horizon Progress and A Project

Making the swap over to Ubuntu. I figure that Windows sucks way too much not to be using Linux. So, while the .iso file is downloading, I went shopping for alternative software to stuff that has no native Linux build. I’ll get into my software list at the end, so it doesn’t bog all the other stuff down.

I am working on Horizon, when I have free time. I’m a little way into Chapter 3, so don’t get your panties in a bunch or anything.

I haven’t posted or tweeted or any of that stuff about I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches or the engine or anything because
*Drum Roll*
I’m working on a 3D game with some buddies. I was taken on as a 3D artist, but I’m probably going to be doing a good deal of coding as well as music and other fun stuff. I guess this is one of those times where being at least somewhat skilled a freakish amount of things comes in handy 😀
I’ll be sure to post some stuff as we go along. There’s already a video of a rigging test up on my Youtube channel. The video can be found here, complete with a rigging error. The error was rectified with no further harm done. The animation itself isn’t anything special and the camera work was crap, but meh.

For those that care about my personal ramblings on my software, read on. Otherwise, piss off ❤
Softwares that have a Linux build ready to install:
+ MyPaint
+ Blender
+ Sublime Text
+ Overgrowth (Yeah, a native Linux game. No foolin’, kiddies)
+ Audacity
+ Notepad++, I believe
+ Dropbox

Things I’ve found replacements for:
+ Synthfont/FLStudio
> LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) seems like a good candidate
+ PaintDotNet
> The GIMP
+ Visual Studio C++
> Code::Blocks
+ Unity
> Blender. It has a built in, integrated game engine. It often gets put down by users because it doesn’t hold your hand the way Unity does. I have faith though, BGE will work for me, when I want to do 3D stuff.

Things to look into replacing:
+ Sculptris
> Blender has sculpting, but I haven’t used it enough to know whether it’ll do what I need it to. I don’t use Sculptris often anyways, so this is a minor concern.

The biggest software loss is going to be in games, since most games don’t have Linux builds available. This is especially true in AAA titles. That’s not a horror though, as I don’t play games often. Besides, there are lots of great indie games out there that are available for Linux. And when it comes down to it, if I’m missing on any type of game really hard, I’ll just have to make my own, eh?

I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Update
^ Go Get It There

Been dealing with some depression and lack of motivation these last few weeks. Finally got around to uploading the build on my PC of IaWB. There’s an update to the controls on the game’s page.
At least, I think this is an update. It should be a bit ahead of the last one. I’ve been out of it too long. I can’t remember for sure.

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Horizon Uploaded Over On FimFiction

Been working on this MLP fan-fiction for a bit. Figured I ought to practice writing a story before I get to Lurk and start dorking around without having any experience in characterization or world-building from a literary standpoint.
I’m kind of gunning for a Tolkein styled adventure story here, so if you see any similarities that just means I’m doing something right.
You can read Horizon here.

Whaddaya guys think? Do you all want to hear about my writing anymore, or should I just stop posting about it all together?

Also, made some site updates. Nothing really notable except adding a page for Lurk-Tech and then reorganizing a bit.

I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Build #2

Second build, now up for download here: [Here]


  • Wonderbolt is now in
  • Camera that follows character
  • Updated Controls
    Press Space to flap your (Currently not implemented) wings
    Hold W to slow you fall speed
    Hold A or D to move left or right respectively

Enjoy, bitches.

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