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Back on the Block, Block

Just flew back home from 29 Palms a few days ago and boy are my arms tired.

Anyways, finally got out of there. Should have a lot more time to work on Marpeg and <._FLANK/> now, as well as not being depressed all of the time and getting some motivation back. Not much of an update here, beyond having made a teensy bit of progress on loading characters from a text file. Still not completely working, but it’s getting there. Should be done before long, now.
Since this post is so empty, have some pone.

such friendship wow

such adorable


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Blender Game Demo

Alright folks, got a playable demo of the most bare bones 3D platformer y’all have ever seen.
This is probably only going to run under Linux. I’ll be looking into someone to help me make Blender builds for Mac and Windows as well.
The controls are as follows:
WASD to move
Space to Jump
Shift to crouch, which makes you jump higher
Right Click to grab ledges
Should you find yourself holding Right Click and magically floating in midair next to a ledge, press Space to climb up.

And that’s it. I’m still debugging some stuff and getting the motion put together how I want. I’ll keep working on this little project for a while, see what I can do with it. I’ve got a couple ideas, but it’s fairly loose right now.

Been chipping away at chapter 3 of Horizon, so expect that within maybe a couple weeks. Not really sure how soon it’ll be done.
And a piece of art for an Autumn Art Exchange over on deviantArt.
And I finally got a Doom .wad editor to run under Linux. Unfortunately, it’s a crash-happy DOS application and is a pain in the ass to use, as well as slow. But, it’s fun for killing time.

And other than all of that, I’m still trying to drop the last bit of weight I need to in order to reenlist in the DEP and leave for the Marines. Hopefully, I’ll be down to weight this week or the next and then will be off to boot in two months.

To close this post up, have some pone.
Taking back the holy land, one adorable river of blood at a time.

Damnit. If you’re here on a trip through legacy, you shoulda seen the original image I had here. Cute as all get out. But this’ll do I guess.

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I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Update

^ Go Get It There

Been dealing with some depression and lack of motivation these last few weeks. Finally got around to uploading the build on my PC of IaWB. There’s an update to the controls on the game’s page.
At least, I think this is an update. It should be a bit ahead of the last one. I’ve been out of it too long. I can’t remember for sure.

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I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches – Build #01

Here it is, the first build of I’m a Wonderbolt, Bitches

Early build. Being made as the first sub project of LurkTech. That’s what I’m calling the engine for Lurk, by the way.
Deal with it.

I’m making this one because ponies are awesome and I need to do some work on the collisions and basic motion physics. I’d also like to play with some cool animation ideas I have, but we’ll see about that. Might have to wait til a later project

These sub projects are going to be my way of making Lurk without spending a year or two on just one game. I’ll make this 2D engine for Lurk by making small games for each component. So, if I want particles, I’ll make a small game centered around particles. That way, I end up with an awesome engine, more skill and experience and the motivation to make Lurk itself.

Well, that’s that. I’ll be working on this project a bit longer and then once it feels done or at least feels like I could no longer benefit from working on it, I’ll move on to another.

I’d love to hear what you think about the game so far. I don’t want sugar coated “Oh, that’s cool”s. I want to hear what feels bad, want isn’t responsive, what doesn’t seem intuitive. I know there’s not much too it yet, but any feedback helps a lot, even if it’s negative, so long as it’s constructive.

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